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We are a community-driven tech talent partner powered by an AI platform.

A diverse group of tech specialists gathered around a laptop, engaged in a discussion or collaboration.
We are alumni of major tech companies with vast experience in product development, business growth, and data science. We appreciate the significance of having skilled and proven specialists within a team for the successful advancement of companies. Using our expertise to build large tech communities, we see this as a chance to gather an elite tech talent pool. Fostering professional networking opportunities, cultivating creative synergy, and bringing innovative ideas to reality are integral aspects of our approach.

We aim to connect clients with niche experts from our network of mid+ experienced specialists from leading companies. Dispersed over the biggest tech hubs, we ensure tailored matching with trust and time efficiency. Our talents' expertise is not only verified by the community but also supported by recommendations from teams and stakeholders.

We bring confidence to your hiring decisions with experts who have contributed to renowned companies and impactful products. We know how to empower your team with the expertise you won’t find elsewhere.

Empower your team
with handpicked talents.

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