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Unlock a community-based pool of talents who contributed to the most renowned tech products worldwide across various industries.
Spanning 60+ countries our Tech talents are available globally - UK, Europe, US, MENA, APAC and LATAM
27% of our engineers have worked for the top 5 tech companies: Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google
Vetted in Big Tech, our talents possess a minimum of 4 years of experience, with 46% at the Senior level and 23% as C-suite specialists.
Senior+ level

Hire trusted talents with supreme sectoral and functional expertise honed in top-tier companies.

Social networks
Autonomous vehicles
Smart devices
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Explore hiring flexibility with a community driven tech talent partner powered by AI.

Tech Teams

Build a premier team of seasoned tech specialists sourced from an elite Big Tech community, ensuring swift integration into the process, seamless interplay, and the most valuable expertise to address your project's needs.
Individual package price subject to project estimation.

Tech Talent Agency

Hire world-class talents promptly matched to your sectoral requirements and handpicked with a deep understanding of your technical needs, spanning from mid to C-suite levels and covering even the most challenging tech roles.
Fee from the first year salary.

Tech consultant

Save time and enhance results by accessing senior+ experts with exclusive niche expertise. Drive growth, optimize processes, and overcome challenges—all at a fraction of the cost.
Paid on an hourly rate starting from $150 per hour.

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Community driven tech talent agency

Access elite tech professionals with our agency model, sourced from a vetted pool of handpicked talents.

Mid, Senior+ and Team Leads
Hard-to-Fill Roles
C-suite executive search
Full-time only
Mid, Senior+ and Team Leads
Hard-to-Fill Roles
(ML, AI, Cybersecurity, Gaming and Data Science)
C-suite executive search
Full-time only
Tech Community Talent Pool
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Experience efficient technical recruitment with our tech talent agency:

Accelerate process with pre-collected recommendations from teams, stakeholders
Save your budget on onboarding by hiring experts with relevant sectoral expertise
Hire with those who understand your tech needs, promptly offering only relevant candidates
Have your Employer Value Proposition developed within an elite Big Tech community
Benefit from AI-driven filtering for more effective matching and faster candidate selection
Exclusive talent pool inaccessible to other recruiters
Hire with confidence: our talents are tested in Big Tech and additionally verified by our community

Bolster your team with exclusive tech consultants, benefiting from expertise sourced from Big Tech.

Hire Senior+ or C-suite gurus from top-tier companies at a fraction of the cost to gain life-changing advice and optimize your processes, propelling your results forward.
  • GenerativeAI: Build your own large language model or choose the best method (prompt engineering, RAG, LoRA, RLHF) to fine-tune models for your business goals.

  • Audit: Review the process for evaluation, testing, and monitoring ML models from validation to production.

  • Strategy: Craft and enhance Generative AI and ML strategies with proven sectoral practices from big tech to boost business results.
  • GenerativeAI: Boost the speed of your engineering team 3-5x by using latest tools and co-pilots.

  • Audit: Evaluate existing tech stack, infrastructure and architecture for scalability

  • Management: Implement best engineering management practices, including OKRs, development practices and tech documentation.
  • GenerativeAI: Incorporate Generative AI to maximize product value.

  • Audit: Carry out product-market fit, product funnel audit and review of unit economics.

  • Strategy: Validate ROI, develop product growth strategy and roadmap to boost scale, retention and unit economics and identify a set of key product metrics.

Case studies

BuddyAI is the leading AI tutor for children under 12. It's an embodied virtual character that uses voice recognition and conversational AI to play and teach students. The company tops the charts in the App Store's Kids and Education category, with over 22 million downloads in 2023 alone.
Architecture logo
The company achieved significant milestones by integrating a fractional engineering manager, including:
  • Implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for goal alignment.

  • Thoroughly assessing solution architecture and devising an improvement roadmap.

  • Successfully executing the migration from monolithic to service-oriented architecture.

Gurudev Capital

Gurudev Capital is a London-based venture capital fund with a focus on investing in early-stage companies founded by alumni of big tech companies.
Tech audit
GuruDev Capital VC logo
The fund engaged fractional experts to successfully complete a comprehensive technical audit for their portfolio companies
  • Conducted a detailed infrastructure audit for startups prior to making investments. Completed a thorough audit of development practices.

  • Assessed the tech stack and machine learning infrastructure.

  • Developed a ramp-up plan to address identified red flags.

Yango Tech

Yango Tech is a Dubai-based global tech company with a presence in 8 countries and over 43 million monthly active users. Yango Tech has facilitated more than 100 million deliveries and achieved a GMV of over $1.3 billion, establishing itself as a leader in MENA and Africa, while actively expanding in India.
Sales optimization
GuruDev Capital VC logo
Revenue growth
The addition of a VP of Sales as a consultant enabled the company to achieve the following:
  • Optimized sales processes and developed improved strategies for B2B SaaS sales.

  • Implemented new sales tools to enhance the conversion rate, significantly improving sales performance.

  • Mentored the C-suite team, sharing relevant competencies for more effective sales management.

Our community is at the core.

Our mission is to develop the potential of like-minded talents and cultivate an environment for new challenges and discoveries.

Our community is at the heart of what we do, empowering top tech talents and connecting them with impactful opportunities.
We consistently organize events in major tech hubs worldwide, spanning from London, Dubai, and Singapore to San Francisco.
We invest heavily in its growth, aiming to become the largest and most exclusive network of big tech communities.

Our community is your value

Our talents can always rely on invaluable advice from tech sages to address any challenge without delay.
We hold regular sessions with hiring managers from leading tech companies to ensure our talents showcase their best during interviews.
Mock interviews
We carefully check and fine-tune resumes with the assistance of HR specialists and hiring managers to ensure they meet global standards.
CV Roasts
From documentation and company culture to use cases in generative AI, our talents excel at sharing valuable experiences, ensuring they stand out at the top of the list.
Experience exchange
We ensure that our talents have English proficiency to join any global team without language barriers.
English evaluation
Our talents actively connect community members with the best teams and projects through personal recommendations.
Referral Board
We promote top-notch educational activities featuring prominent tech leaders so that our talents can gain the most valuable insights for their careers.
Webinars, lectures
Our talents engage globally in face-to-face events, where they discuss new technologies and forge synergy for potential teamwork.

Live Meetups

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